Welcomes you to the Sisterhood!




                                                                We are praying for you and everyone you love!

                                                          It's what we do in the Sisterhood.

                                                               This season is like nothing we have known before, however,

                                                             our God is still sovereign and nothing has taken Him by surprise.

                                                                     Therefore, we have reorganized our services (i.e. ministry) to continue operating

                                                                        in our mandate and invite you to peruse the pages of our newly updated website.

                                                                  There is something here for you!

                                     As we continue to be the light in the world, we have revised our

                         2020 calendar and have received our mandate.

                                It is to PRAY, TEACH & PREPARE.

                                                   Take a look at what's coming for the rest of this year and make

                                                plans to join us!  Stay tuned! Stay safe! Stay connected to the


                                      With so much love,

                                          Sisters in the Spirit, Inc.

                                                                                                                     GRACE AND PEACE BE UNTO YOU!!!

                                                     Let not your heart be troubled.

                                                      Ye believe in Him, believe also in me. 

                                                John 14:1


Any gift you give is the right size and deeply appreciated. Know we are grateful for your support! 


For a minimum gift of $100.00 you become a member  of the Sister Coterie and receive 10% discount on all ministry offerings and more.


For a minimum gift of $500.00 you become a part of the Lydia Society and receive 20% discount on all ministry offerings and more.

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