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Come Home with Us
for the Sisters in the Spirit International Retreat 

"The Healing of the Soul "
Ghana (West Africa) - November 1-8, 2023

Oh my God in heaven, I am so excited to extend this deeply personal invitation to you to join us for our second international Sisters in the Spirit Retreat (the first was more than 20 years ago). More than six years ago, at our Retreat in Orlando, FL, God said He would do this again and we would become an international ministry. The amazing Leadership Team stood with me in prayer for the manifestation and as we enter the seventh year, the divine number of completion, we are Motherland bound.


We could not have taken this trip until now. Why? Because God promised that if we (His people) would humble, pray, turn and seek, then He would bring healing to our land. Can you imagine the awe-inspired wonder I experienced in my War Room (my sacred prayer space) hearing Him say we would not come out of the global divine shut-down the same way we went in. Additionally, we are now called to four areas of "healing": Emotional Healing, Physical Healing, Spiritual Healing and Cultural Healing. The time has come!

Let's go Home Together!



Pastor Stephanie D. Rolle,

Founder/ Sisters in the Spirit, Inc.

Sr. Pastor / Transforming Grace Ministries

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Come, Sisters, let's find ourselves in the beauty of God's most amazing creation. Come, let's meet "us" at the place it all began. Healing awaits our hearts.....Sisters Come!

Come, Sisters, let's sit at the feet of the Elders, who know the truth of our "come from". Healing awaits our souls.....Sisters Come!

The oceans that carried our ancestors away, let them speak to our souls again with a "Welcome Home my Child". Come, be with us on this most holy journey. 

Come Sisters, let's dance and experience the joy refill our spirits and then we will know, for sure, we have been royalty, from the start. Come, Sisters, Come...

Let's go Home Together!

Registration is Right Here!
Do this first, then contact Heavenly Travels to confirm your Reservation.
Kerline Cambronne at email address is or 772-888-5611

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