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We are ALWAYS praying about and looking for ways to enhance the lives of women and the people they love. We are constantly seeking feedback from women about the needs they have at each stage of life. God continues to download special, thought provoking, heart healing and yes, empowering ways to serve His women and so.......we have finally come to understand as long as we breath and Jesus tarries, we will continue to serve those sent to us from God with loving support and joy-filled love! We are our Sister's Keeper!
(The Life After Loss Weekend)...
When you lose a loved one, usually you are surrounded with a lot of people and a lot of support for the first week.  After the formal farewell, its down to the business of grief. And so many grieve alone and honestly, get stuck there, sometimes for years. Well, no more.  That is not God's plan for your life. We have designed a very special weekend filled with love, nurturing, understanding and anointed teaching, from a biblical perspective, on the circle of life. You will be cared for with compassionate activities and exercises and our prayer is that you find an authentic path to your healing because you make the decision to give yourself the gift of this experience. There is life after loss. Come hear about how it can be good,  feel your heart again and blossom from this time together. 

Woman UP! (based on the Proverbs 31 Woman)

This will not be just a conference like no other you have seen or experienced but will be the beginning of a movement that gives women wings to fly. Anointed praise, worship and speakers will always usher in the glory of God but inside of that glory, we will create opportunities for personal and spiritual growth by offering small group settings in which to get your questions answered, give your dreams wings and have your ideas enhanced by the power of Sisterhood. This will become a never-miss experience that will always help you Woman UP! Stay turned for more

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