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You need this blessing...

God heard your prayers...

The Spiritual Spa


From Mourning to Morning

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God heard your prayers and He wants you to move...

from hurt to healed

from pain to powerful

from frightened to fearless

from midget to magnificent

from lack to luxury

from insecure to insurmountable

and what does it mean to be insurmountable? It means too great to be overcome. Life is not suppose to "overcome" you,  you are the overcomer in the matter. For nineteen years we have been "doing" ministry and in recent years, we keep hearing a quiet cry for help from the women we serve. God has shown us how to address issues that women face and we are humbled and excited to be called to our next level assignment.

Spa, defined, is not necessarily just a resort with beauty treatments for the external. The original definition is "a mineral spring considered to have health-giving properties" - translation: life giving! As we prayed, the Holy Spirit reminded us that Jeremiah 17:13 speaks of the Lord as a fountain of living water and John 4 finds Jesus in conversation with the woman at the well and he introduces her to himself as living water. He then assures her that if she partakes of "this" water, she shall never thirst again. And so...

Daily living can leave you dry, empty and parched. Stepping away to shift your knowing to who and what God says we are and have access to re-fills us. The Spiritual Spa Experience is a deep dive in the Word of God. It will provide a beautiful, loving, safe space for you to do the work of healing and replenishing. Many of us need to move above survive to THRIVE. If you are sick and tired of being sick and tired and want to remove the mask and be free, our trained, Spirit-filled facilitators will guide you through life-affirming exercises and activities that are designed to help you lift burdens, heal long-standing hurts and find your inner truth of being fearfully and wonderfully made. While you are working out the spiritual kinks, a licensed professional massage therapist will be available to work out your physical kinks.

We'll be renting a beautiful, spacious home in the metro-Atlanta area for The Spiritual Spa experience and will welcome you early Saturday morning for a special welcome breakfast. Your remaining meals will be prepared on-site so you won't have to go anywhere until its time to leave on Sunday.  You will receive directions and details for the experience when you register.


We know we have to take care of our body but rarely do we think to care for our spirit. If your spirit is healthy, everything else in your world can be insurmountable (too great to be overcome ... remember?). Join us for this unique ministry experience. God heard you and we did too! You really do need this. 


New dates coming soon!

We look forward to serving you soon!

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