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In 2019, God said create a learning opportunity for people who are seeking a deeper, more personal relationship with Him. This was to be interactive, small group format that allowed for questions to be asked, answers to come forth and in all of our getting, to get an understanding. He said to ensure His people know who they are in Him and all that is available to them. After intense prayer and divine direction we launched THE MASTER'S CLASS and it was...in short....AMAZING. Now, our ministry expands its "GodPrint" for global access and impact. Here is what some of THE MASTER'S CLASS students had to say...

"Going Vertical was life changing for me. My son, whom we had been praying for for 30,

years got saved. I will definitely take the Master's Class again."

Maude G.

Port St. Lucie, Fl

                                "The classes were truly a blessing. I participated in the entire series and through Pastor Stephanie's guidance I was able to reflect on my relationship with God; by the end of the course

I knew that I had matured to a new and deeper level with my God.

Be prepared for true spiritual growth!"

Michelle D.

New York, NY

"Personally, I experienced each session like entering into a cocoon of God's Love and

finding "a safe space" where I could be me. There was no end to the blessings

He bestowed on the group! Expectation of God's presence was high each week,

and He never disappointed! The teaching presentations were creative and thrilling!

The group often ventured into "deep dives" in the Word. I honestly believe the Lord

looked forward to the gatherings as much as we did as there was so much of Him with us."

Dr. Terri H.

New York, NY

Take your seat in THE MASTER'S CLASS

and take your life to the next level!

All classes will be hosted using the Zoom platform.

For the best experience, please log on from a desktop or laptop computer.

A tablet will serve you but a cell phone won't allow you the best view of visuals. Please be sure your devices are charged before class and you establish a quiet space in which to  have this experience without distractions.

There is no charge but you MUST REGISTER for each session!

Classes will be hosted on Mondays

unless otherwise notified and will start at

7:30 pm - 9:30 pm

Session #3


JULY 27, AUGUST 3 & 10th 2020


Session #4


AUGUST 17, 24, 31, 2020


Session #5


SEPTEMBER 14 & 21, 2020


Be Still & Know

OCTOBER 26, 2020

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