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Welcome to

the master's class

First series:  KINGDOM UPGRADE

Class #1: Unapologetically Blessed

What's behind the prayer Jabez prayed? Why did he pray it?  Why should you? We pull the curtain back and take a very deep UPDATED dive into how your life can dramatically change for the better, how you can experience the height, depth and expanse of God's love and purpose. This will illuminate how to operate in the fullness of God's blessings and help you perfect the "ask". Come learn how to experience the miraculous and position yourself to receive God's original plan for your life. Don't let us live an extraordinary life and win without you, step into the Winner's Circle with us.

FOUR MONDAYS: August 19, 26 September 2 & 9 


Space is limited!  


God says, with Him, all things are possible. But most believers haven't unlocked the understanding for how this could be possible in their lives. Others seem to be prospering while so many Believers are struggling. The limitless narrative was designed to work for you, according to the Word. Come take this deep dive with us and watch something wonderfully different manifest in your life. As big as you can think it, dream it, imagine it, it can be! You have to be in this class.

THREE MONDAYS: November 4, 11, 18

REGISTER HERE: $48.00 and space is limited!  

Class #5: Partnership w/ The Master

THIS IS YOUR BONUS Course!!!!  Did you know that you are a co-creator? Did you know that your hands and your feet are the representation of God? Come along with us to experience this smooth, beautiful landing of this series. Consider this "bonus" course your Christmas Gift as you close out 2019 and get ready to fly in 2020.


Join us JANUARY 6

FREE but you still must register!!!

Email your name, cell phone # and mailing address here

Class #2: Going Vertical

We love Church. As a matter of fact, we are members of a local church. But God wants you to come up higher. This is way past going to church. This is about focusing your life on God every day of the week! This is about building a relationship with God that is sweeter, more powerful and has more impact on your life (and those you encounter) than any other. The cross is designed like it is for a reason. Come along and see why your going vertical becomes your UPGRADE!

FOUR MONDAYS: September 23, 30 October 7, 14

REGISTER TODAY: $58.00 Space is limited...


Love is mentioned more than 800 times in the Bible. We think that qualifies as an important concept to God. His love for you is actually described as "lavish" and He wants nothing but the absolute best for your life. The real question is what are you expecting? You're waiting on God and just maybe God is waiting on you! Lay hold to this understanding and lay claim to your blessings you may not have known were yours for the taking.  This is where it gets more real than its ever been. Simply delicious! 

THREE MONDAYS: December 2, 9, 16


If you pay for the courses individually, your total cost will be:  $202.00
If you buy them all NOW, your total cost will be: $171.70 (15% off).
(That's less than $12.00 per session for 15 - sessions.)
It doesn't get any better than this!
Some final thoughts...
- No worries if you miss a session. We will forward the recording to you!
- Each session will start at 8:15 pm EST and end at 10:30 pm EST
- After you register, you will receive instructions for how to access the eLearning experience.
- You will be able to use your desktop, laptop, tablet or smart phone to access each session.
If you have any more questions, please send inquiries to sisterpastor5@yahoo.com 
We are excited to welcome you to THE MASTER'S CLASS