Come and Be!

Sister Love Circle

Let's face it Sis, right now, all that is happening in the world is A Lot!!!

We are a women's ministry and the pulse we have taken in the Sisterhood

says its time to come together and...

BE heard.

 - Small groups (only eight reservations per setting) provide the opportunity for all to be heard. We declare this a safe space so you can feel free to share. Sometimes just opening up and speaking about the challenges can make a world of difference. When was the last time you spoke about how you were feeling and were actually heard? We will hear you.

BE encouraged.

Now you know Big Mama always said, trouble don't last always. The circumstances of the world seem as if they are lasting a very long time. We still have a way to go before we can create our new normal. We want to encourage you with affirming words and creative ways to maintain a good outlook. We don't want to leave you how you came. We want to be sure you will also...


BE lifted!

Before you leave the Sister Love Circle, we will complete some beautiful rituals to help you breathe better (physically and figuratively); shift your energy and give you some tools to curate how you are "being". Let's face it, no one has a frame of reference for these times. But we serve a God who promised to be our keeper.

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Saturday, February 6 - 7pm Eastern Time                        Sunday, February 7 - 5pm Eastern Time

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