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Come home with us! We are going to have an amazing time in Ghana! God has downloaded an extraordinary experience and you really don't want to miss this! You may have even been there before, but I promise you this time will be different in the most wonderful ways. Here is our  Proposed Agenda:


November 1-8, 2023

Healing For Your Soul Agenda

(Subject to Revision by the Holy Spirit)

Day 1            Travel Day

                        7pm – Depart U.S. (recommend JFK airport)

                        3pm – Arrival (next day)

                        Dinner (on your own)


Day 2            AM     Travel Recovery / Spa Treatments, etc.

                       PM      Praise & Worship Luncheon –

                                           “Cultural Conversations and Welcome Ceremony”

                                             Table Topic Discussion: Who Am I; How Am I

                                    Dinner (on your own)


Day 3            AM     Breakfast (on your own)

                                    Tour: The Door of No Return (Cape Coast)

                       PM      Luncheon: Workshop – The Biblical Geography of Ourselves

                                    Dinner (on your own)


Day 4            AM     Breakfast (on your own)

                                   Bible Workshop: Womanhood – The healing space

                       PM     Luncheon

                                    Session:      REVIVE US - Songs, Poetry Readings, Guided Meditations, etc.


Day 5            AM      Breakfast (on your own)

                                    A DAY OF SERVICE ( Options / 2 Groups)

                                    Option 1:  A Women’s Shelter

                                    Option 2:  A Children’s Home

                        PM:  Corporate Dinner: “The Hearts of MY PEOPLE”


Day 6             AM     Breakfast (on Your Own)

                                   Tour/Experience: “Sisters at Home”

                                               An outing that visits African American women’s businesses (restaurants,                                                     Clothing Stores, Etc.) with time at each stop for them to welcome us and                                                        share their decision and journey to relocate to Ghana).

Day 7             AM      Breakfast (On Your Own)

                                     Session: “Free to Be My Authentic Self”  

                                       -   African Dance Class

                                       -   African Jewelry Making

                                       -   African Cooking Class (Possibly becomes the Luncheon for the day)

                        PM      Bon Voyage Dinner:

                                        A beautiful closing experience that includes performance by local                                                                  artists/singers/dancers, etc.

Day 8              AM      Family Breakfast

                        Some depart for home/Others depart for side trip Excursions offered by Heavenly                                    Travels, Inc.

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